Holistic approach with

In today’s world it is very easy to find we are getting hurt, angry, lonely, and tired.

Resilience is becoming as important as skills and knowledge.

We know we can build our resilience by making sure we get a sense of balance in our lives. Our ability to recover and continue stronger than before depends on how well we achieve this balance.

Balance means paying attention to MIND, BODY and SPIRIT

A leader who has a good balance between these three elements will lead more holistically and from a place of greater personal groundeness, well-being and satisfaction. He/she will be able to give more at the workplace, be a better role model for others and inspire greater engagement, motivation and ultimately greater performance all around.

Like with anything else, before addressing the issue we need first to understand its meaning (defining) consequently determining the extent of what we need to address, leverage, change or improve (assessing) and lastly make the change we want to make, whether this is developing a new behaviour, changing a recently acquired habit, which is not beneficial for us or simply decide on doing more or less of something (develop) .

If we feel grounded and emotionally healthy we can ‘give more’ as leaders, friends, parents and peers.


MIND MCE-Body-Mind-Spirit-MIND

Mental toughness Improved concentration, ability to focus, fewer mistakes

BODY MCE-Body-Mind-Spirit-BODY

Physical fitness Reduced illness, improved physical condition, sleep well


Life perspective Clear values, clear conscience, knowing yourself