How we grow and develop people:

When developing new training programmes, we apply the 70-20-10 principle to enable effective learning and sustainable workplace transfer, i.e.:


…of learning is achieved
on a task, or
job at work – DO 

This is the learning from doing a task, applying new ideas, trying new behaviours or skills, and our real experiences of these. Our courses give you an opportunity to practice and DO tasks with us, and action plans to take back to work.


…of learning is achieved
through social learning & coaching – FEEL

This is from individual coaching or mentoring, joint reflection with trainers, coaches, peers or colleagues, observing others and sharing experiences. We help you decide how you FEEL about your progress, learn from each other, and plan who can help you in your workplace


…of learning is achieved
through formal training – THINK


This is the learning through formal training, researching or reading, gathering or exploring new information. We give you structured knowledge and new ideas to THINK about.