Our Approach



Many traditional learning approaches are knowledge-based. The traditional emphasis is on what you need to know, rather than what you need to do. Many training programmes are overloaded with information, lists and facts, however, they pay little attention to giving you practical, relevant skills.

MCE’s learning approach is different. We focus on action-based learning. You learn and practice what you need to do to become a better employee, manager or leader. MCE’s programmes are hands-on, practical and interactive.


Our View on Learning

We believe the best way to achieve impactful learning is by maximizing the time spent on active and pragmatic learning; DOING things. Personally connecting with both the importance of learning and also the people that can help you; FEELING things – will have an impact. We give you some time in the programme to reflect logically about your learning and to imagine what else is possible; THINKING about things.

We know that you are at your best when you have a good balance between three key elements: MIND-BODY-SPIRIT. We encourage you to pay attention to your psychological and physical well-being as this will ultimately lead to greater performance.


Our View on Developing Learning Solutions

We know our clients want a structured and easy way of working with us, therefore when developing our learning solutions we adhere to tried and tested models such as the ADDIE and 70-20-10 principle. We know that learning is most effective when you have some input from us, opportunity to work together or coach and practical applications that mean something to you.

Our View on Delivery and Facilitation Style

When you attend one of our programmes, you will discover our facilitators do more than simply presenting information, facts and theories. They will share their personal business experiences and will challenge you to look at your views and opinions. You will play an active role in the learning experience and learn from the other participants.


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