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WATCH FOR FREE > How to Delegate Effectively (1-hour Management Webinar for Managers).

This webinar recording is a practical and lively training session with tools and techniques that will help you expand your delegation & people management skills.

Also, it has Q&A sessions with real questions and challenges brought up by attendees, managers just like you, from different industries. Access the webinar recording and find out if your delegation challenges and questions are discussed during the webinar.

How to Delegate Effectively?

This webinar is a hands-on training session where you will learn:

  • What is delegation? (and what is not?)
  • What stops people from delegating?
  • What tasks and activities could be delegated?
  • How to Delegate: 5 steps delegation process

The content of the webinar is an extract of the top selling training programme ‘Successfully Managing People‘, which addresses delegation skills next to communication skills, conflict management, emotional intelligence and more.

Successfully Managing People

Successfully Managing People


Barcelona, Athens, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels, Prague, London


3 Day(s)




(13x) Feb 2022 to Dec 2022
Leading OthersClassroom ProgrammePopular MCE ProgrammePMI Certified Programme

What Management Skills and Competencies Will You Learn & Practise?

  • Delegation Skills
  • People Management Skills

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How To Delegate Effectively

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