Influencing & Negotiation Skills Training Programmes

Key competences covered: persuasion, negotiation, communication, influencing, organizational politics, networks & coalitions, assertiveness, managing emotions

MCE has developed a full portfolio of Influencing & Negotiation Skills programmes for managers in international companies and organizations. These programmes cover key competences including:  influencing, persuasion, negotiations, first impressions and more.

These programmes are available as:

  • Open Programmes: Online or Face-to-Face (across EMEA region)
  • Off-the-Shelf: delivered for your company with limited changes
  • Modules: Any of the programmes can be customized for an InCompany solution for your organization.

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Influencing Skills for Business Professionals

Getting Results without Authority: focuses on your personal power, building partnerships, reciprocity, personal preferences, persuasion, managing conflict and influencing

Ideal for: all business professionals who need to get work done with the cooperation of others.

Developing Personal Influence and Impact: focuses on influencing, organizational politics, building networks and coalitions, persuasion and winning over resistors

Ideal for: all business professionals who need to influence others in their roles and have regular contact with a wide range of colleagues. Typical profiles include: managers of teams, departments or functions in international organizations or companies.

Expanding your Influence: Understanding the Psychology of Persuasion focuses on influence and persuasion, emotional needs, creating discomfort, emotions and logic

Ideal for: business professionals at mid-level position and above who need to understand the psychological principles behind how people are convinced to do something, including sales managers, directors of sales, account executives, project managers and product managers, purchasing managers and marketing managers.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating to Win: focuses on the stages of negotiation, persuasion, communication, creating your negotiation strategy

Ideal for: for managers or business professionals who are responsible for negotiating the best possible terms of an agreement for their team, department or organization, this programme is for you.

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