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International Companies, Public and Private Organizations and Business Professionals working across Europe and the Middle East face similar challenges in today’s ever-changing business world called a ‘VUCA world’.

All companies count on their Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders and Business Professionals to make good use of the their management and business skills to help grow the company, especially today when we live in times of disruption and change.

Knowing this…

How can you get essential skills and pragmatic tools to act quickly in changing environments? … to move up in your career? … and help your organization grow?

MCE helps you get equipped with the skills and competencies that you need to perform and succeed in complex and challenging business environments.

Our 1-day workshops and 2-5 day training programmes for individuals, also available as in-company training, will get you and your teams equipped with the skills needed to perform and succeed in competitive industries. We’re a reliable development partner known for our…

  • Practical, hands-on and intensive training programmes
  • Business oriented development
  • Real-life business cases and advice from our experienced Senior Associates and Faculty, former Business Leaders in international companies.
  • Focus on you and your specific development needs.
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MCE’s Training Programmes for professionals at all levels…in Geneva

From new managers needing support, knowledge and encouragement, to experienced senior managers who require updated strategies to deal with the challenges of global business.

We help you get results.

Leaders and Senior Managers Training

Senior Managers and Leaders often deal with input from a wide variety of sources, requiring them to have a good understanding of information coming from different business units and departments to make strategic decisions.

Being a leader requires having a sharp eye for business opportunities and changes in the market and the capacity to inspire and move the company in a certain direction.

Change management and strategic thinking, setting a vision and leading the organization through disruption. Being an inspiring leader and aligning your teams around a common goal are amongst the requirements for leaders today.

MCE’s management training for senior managers understands these challenges and provides access to the skills needed to succeed in this pressured environment.

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Manager Training

Managers implement strategy. They turn a business vision into discrete actions and tactics to achieve the company’s goals.

Since they are the conduit between executive level decision makers and their teams, it’s crucial that they understand the motivations of executives and be able to translate them into concrete plans.

Developing a high-performance team, managing conflicts and motivating people, managing projects efficiently and having knowledge of finance, marketing, sales and the business environment they operate in are essential skills for managers.

MCE understands the value well trained and motivated managers add to a business. We provide clear and focused training to give managers the toolset they need to perform.

We also have special training for New Managers & Team Leaders. Taking responsibility for others in a management role for the first time can be daunting, but we can help you get the right skills and tools to approach new challenges confidently and effectively.

Engineers, Scientists, Technicians … becoming Managers

Professionals in all branches of science, technology, engineering (STEM fields) are highly educated specialists in specific knowledge fields.

As these experts move up in their careers and into leadership roles, they are required to develop other types of skills to manage, engage and motivate their teams, communicate with different stakeholders, prepare and discuss budgets and financial aspects of their units, have a general understanding of how different parts of a company (marketing, sales, procurement, supply chain) work and more.

MCE’s management training for engineers, scientists, technicians and non-managerial background professionals is hands-on and impactful. Our trainers, former business professionals in international companies, understand your challenges and will help you develop the skills you need to succeed in your career development.

MCE Business Courses in Geneva

About Geneva, Switzerland

Historical Geneva

Geneva is the principle French speaking city of Switzerland. With a history dating back the second century BCE the city has a rich and varied history reflected in its features and architecture.

The Old Town with Saint Peter’s Cathedral and the Chapel of the Maccabees, Bastion Park the Reformation Wall provide stunning evidence of Geneva’s rich history. Tourists will enjoy the Place du Boug-de-Four, the Museum of Art and History and the Treille Promenade. Offshore the Jet d’Eau is a masterwork of aqua engineering

Geneva Business Centre

Geneva is a major European business hub with a reputation for excellent facilities and service. With easy connectivity to France, Italy and Austria Geneva provides a hub for international business.

French is the main language of Geneva, and a basic understanding may add to your enjoyment of the city but is not required for MCE courses where English is used.

Switzerland is not in the EU. The currency used is the Swiss Franc. Conversions to and from other currencies is facilitated at the airport, train station and many exchange services throughout the city.

Free Wi-Fi access points cover most of the major business sectors of town via SBB-FREE and the ((o)) network. Most networks require a basic login – needing a user’s name, email address and phone number.

geneva business training courses

Where do MCE programmes take place in Geneva?

The locations mentioned here below gives you an idea of the venues and area where MCE runs its training programmes.

You will find the exact venue of your training programme when you are registering.

The Venues

The Hotel Royal

The Hotel Royal, just inside the border with France on the Southern top of Lac Leman is the venue. Providing excellent accommodation and less than 5km from Geneve Aeroport.

For those arriving by train the hotel is a 4-minute walk – 350 meters – from the main railway station at the Place de Cornavin.

Visit their website: The Hotel Royal

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