Peter Landgren

Faculty PicturePeter Landgren has considerable senior management experience from international and emerging companies with particular knowledge in formulating and implementing strategies in changing environments. Peter has developed strong financial, legal and sales skills including knowledge in customer satisfaction, cost control and value creation. His experience spans various industries such as finance, production, technology, telecom-munication, service and consumer goods.

Professional background

As the President and CEO of TRICOM Asia Ltd (Hong Kong, SAR, China), a registered telecommunications company, Peter developed and implemented a corporate strategy and expanded a business of two persons to a company with offices in Vietnam, Hong Kong and Sweden. He prepared documentation for Telecom licenses, tender procedures and technical specifications in Hong Kong. He negotiated a rental agreement and landing permits in Hong Kong as well as other agreements for investment and co-operation. He went through due diligence processes for partnership, licenses and private placements (2004-2007).

As the Managing Director of Sjöö Sandström Sweden AB, Peter was responsible for the design and product development, cost savings and international production re-location to Japan, as well as extensive consumer branding and sales (2001-2004). Prior to joining this luxury Swedish watchmaker, Peter worked as a consultant and lawyer, and on behalf of venture capital firms conducting due diligence, restructured and re-engineered companies in different industries (2000-2001).

As the President and CEO with Iquity Systems Inc, New York, Peter developed and implemented a corporate global strategy and oversaw all aspects of the business. He helped the software company grow from a three person start up to a company with over 100 employees and offices, customers and partnerships in US, Europe and Asia. He increased revenue streams and enhanced shareholder value. He negotiated three major joint ventures in Italy, Australia and Greece and one public acquisition in Sweden (1997-2000).

His previous leadership roles in corporations include:

– Company Director with Allgon Smart GmbH, Germany, an initially-Swedish production company which Peter adapted to a European distribution company with external and outsourced production. He negotiated and closed one acquisition in Germany (95-97).
– CGeneral Manager with Telemitgruppen, Sweden, producing products primarily for the Swedish defense industry (93-95).
– CNordic Sales and Marketing Manager with AMI Assistance Scandinavia AS, Denmark (91-93)
– CVP and Service Representative with Spies Resor, a tour operator based in Sweden (76-90)

Education and qualifications

Peter obtained a Master in Law from the Stockholm University of Law, Sweden, in 1983, graduating also from courses of the Stockholm University of Economics.


Peter currently lives in Sweden and facilitates his workshops in English and Swedish.