Monica Arquero Cabrera

Faculty PictureDuring 2 decades, due to her culture based on strategic thinking, understanding of customer needs, innovation, team building (used to manage multicultural and international teams) and hard work to achieve results, Monica has been commissioned by national and international companies to analyze their internal situations, organize them, resolve those deficient parameters following different programs for their execution and helping them to increase their market share, ensuring a great place to work with the compromise of the employees and monitoring the regulatory compliance through an adequate training. Her expertise in the areas of human resources, operations, IT, sales, purchasing, marketing and communication allows her to guide the company’s results towards efficiency and profitability with clear messages for the whole Organization.

Professional background

For more than 10 years, Monica developed business in International environment at Banco Popular Espanol. Her role was Foreign Business Promotion Manager and Commercial Strategies Director in the Marketing division and Euro implementation Director. She also launched the Financial division at Altran for 6 years and after became Regional Manager of the INDRA BPO. Her role included senior management recruitment, succession planning, talent management, performance management, executive and management development (450 employees, 10 workplaces, 13 projects). Monica drove the change management procedures, business process re-engineering and performance improvement, the integration of the different collectives in the new structure of INDRA and negotiation with the trade unions. Concentrating all this knowledge and professional experience, she started her own business helping national and international companies of consultancy or/and technological to develop business in Spain and Latin America and to start new delegation or to reorganize their subsidiaries in Spain making them profitable and efficient or monitoring that they comply with the regulatory compliance program to avoid penalty fees.

Education and qualifications

Monica holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Law (Alcala De Henares Univ.), MBA at UEM, Advanced Program Management, (ESADE Business School) and a Master in European Union (Univ. Politecnica Madrid).


Monica was born in Brussels, lived there 18 years. Her mother tongues are French and Spanish from her parents. Her business language is English. She spoke Dutch fluently; however, now-a-days it´s a little bit “rusted”.