Luna Charifa Hageali

Faculty PictureLuna has lived and worked across ten countries in the GCC and Levant Region since 2004. She continues to have an evolving career living her purpose work. She has delivered countless seminars, speaking engagements and panels to over 20,000 clients, 50+ nationalities, from a variety of organizations. Including; Oil and Gas, Educational and Academic Services, Islamic and Commercial Banking, Hotel Hospitality and Leisure, Fashion-Retail, Food & Beverage, Marketing, I.T, Media and Medical industries, and most recently advisory and mentoring to SME’S.

Professional background

As a seasoned transformation consultant Luna integrates all her international real life/work experience, industry knowledge, social intelligence with her purpose work. She values people, tapping into their potential purpose, encouraging them to continually develop their mindsets and attitudes about their business. This is the preparation path to upskilling successfully and eventual growth for both the learner and the company. She is currently developing key programs for upcoming talks for mentoring women’s empowerment, elevation as start-ups and career succession, advising on a national program for training local residents to produce fair trade products and is an active Committee member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers GCC.
“I am a passionate practitioner of Integrated empowerment. Consciousness for owning and enabling self-reliance and increase in others. This is my purpose work and way of life.”

Education and qualifications

Luna holds a Bachelors in Business Management. She is a certified practitioner NLP and Emotinal Intelligence and an Instructional Designer (CIPD)


Luna is the mother of a beautiful young daughter and currently resides in Kingdom of Bahrain. She values her personal balance, alignment & living her purpose work. She enjoys nature, meditating, and outdoor activities and exercise. She is a constant student who is inspired and loves learning new things. Most important she also values the simplicity in life.