Hans Pijnacker

Faculty PictureHans has built his expertise over the past 30 years leading organisations in Europe, Asia and Latin America in various industries. He has managed organisations in different stages of the lifecycle as CEO, General Manager or Managing Director.
Accomplished International Senior Executive with focus on Change, Turnaround and restructuring management, Hans has a proven track record of positively impacting results in organizations.
In addition, he has gained hands on experience in Acquisitions and has provided leadership in mergers in multinational companies. He provides consultancy and training in strategy, leadership, sales and change management for different organisations internationally.

Professional background

Since 1999 Hans works as independent Temporary Executive Manager making companies perform better by improving commercial, operational and financial performance. In this role he has managed international companies in Europe and Asia that required Change, Business Innovation, Marketing and Sales leadership or Strategy re-alignment and implementation. Companies from many different industries as Pharmaceutic, Telecom, Logistics, FMCG, ICT and several industrial B2B businesses have been served.

Before that, Hans was Regional Manager for Philips Electronics in Latin America where he was a major contributor for the re-alignment of the manufacturing base in Brazil. He became Director Marketing with AT&T in Germany and was shortly after promoted to Managing Director of AT&T in EMEA growing revenue in EMEA by 30% Year on Year.
Later he joined Telco Equipment manufacturer Alphatel (Thailand) as VP global Sales and Marketing and expanded the business to 35 countries within 2 years.
Returning to Europe, he became the Managing Director of Lucent Technologies for Western Europe where he was responsible for all Sales and Services of the Telecom Enterprise business and initiated the set up and implementation of the Channel Support Center for all Backoffice operations in Europe.

Education and qualifications

Hans holds a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor in Information Technology, and a Bachelor in Economics.


Hans is Dutch, Married and has two sons and one daughter. He enjoys Golf and plays active music. He conducts his workshops in English, German and Dutch.