MCE working with the HR and L&D Communities

  • MCE and AMA Global have developed more than 10 million managers in the past decade alone
  • Over 95 years experience of globally recognized management development with international companies and organizations
  • Offering customized learning solutions, open training programmes and off-the-shelf programmes around the globe
  • A full solution provider – covering the key areas of Leadership, Management and Business Acumen
  • Business experienced faculty who understand your challenges
  • Business focused programmes that deal with real business issues.
  • Live Online Solutions for our clients for more than 10 years.

The MCE HR and L&D Community

To support you in your role, MCE invites you to join free-of-charge, the HR and L&D Community. As a member of the community you will benefit from:

  • A monthly newsletter with articles, infographics, interviews and news targeted to the HR and L&D communities
  • Invitations to 4 free webinars per year covering key topics relevant to your role
  • Access to the MCE HR and L&D Community Group on Linked In – networking and sharing experience
  • Receive exclusive content from the MCE Quarterly
  • Join MCE Executive Roundtables on HR and L&D key issues

MCE Supporting the HR and L&D Community

Industry specific – business focused – global solutions. With a full range of services to match your needs and with almost 100 years of experience, MCE as part of AMA Global is there to support you. With a multi-lingual dedicated team in the EMEA region, contact the MCE team to discuss your projects, ideas, needs and challenges.

  • full solutions run over weeks, months or years
  • multiple modules, assessments, coaching, team work, management sponsorship, faculty teams and more
  • based on your competency models and goals and incorporate industry or business best practices
  • facilitated by experienced MCE faculty that understand your needs
  • local, regional or global roll out in English or multiple languages
Would you like to find out more?

Do you want to explore ideas and solutions? The MCE team is available to answer your questions, talk about your needs and put together a proposal for you.

To arrange a virtual call:

email: [email protected] , call: +32 2 543 2120 ,  or fill out the online contact form


  • single or multiple learning programmes with specific goals
  • based on your needs and goals and delivered in one or multiple modules
  • can be delivered online or face-to-face
  • facilitated by experienced MCE faculty
  • Thousands of customized solutions developed and delivered every year
Some recent Customized Solutions: 







The MCE Customized Learning Solutions is ready to organize a virtual  meeting with you to explore your needs and requests. Fill out the contact form to organize your virtual meeting.


  • cost-effective and easy solution to meet your management development needs
  • fast roll-out online or face-to-face
  • 50+ different off-the-shelf programmes for you and your teams
  • programmes are based on best practices 
  • delivered by experienced MCE business faculty
Some popular off-the-shelf programmes include: 

To get your off-the-shelf proposal:

email: [email protected] , call: +32 2 543 2120 ,  or fill out the online contact form


Plan your call with MCE

  • It is free-of-charge and with no obligations.
  • We can answer your questions, explore ideas with you and give you some advice and best-practice on the next steps of your projects.
  • Fill out the contact form or send an email to [email protected] to plan a meeting.

  • Perfect solution for individuals and small groups within your company or organization
  • More than 50+ open training programmes scheduled online and face-to-face across the EMEA region
  • Covering the 3 key areas of Leading Others, Leading Self and Leading Business 
  • Savings passes are the ideal solution. Packs of 10 or 20 passes are cost effective, flexible, easy to use and valid on almost 30 live online programmes.
Find out more about Savings Passes for companies and organizations

  • MCE has almost 60 years’ experience responding successfully to tenders and RFPs.
  • Whether your RFP is for a global roll out in 50 countries in 20 languages or for a national roll out for your managers – MCE is there to support your management development strategy.
  • If your tender or RFP covers leadership, management or business acumen, then MCE is the right business partner to deliver your management development.
To send your tender or RFP:

You can send your tender or RFP documents to MCE at [email protected] and the team will get back to you asap.

If you have immediate questions, you can call the MCE Team at +32 2 5432120

With a Total Access License™, you can drive productivity throughout your organization with essential skill building and proven content. This completely customizable talent development strategy offers flexible, curated, industry-recognized solutions that you can harness to achieve your specific goals and learning objectives.

How Total Access License™ Puts You in Charge
  • Get a ready-made training solution—Access proven, plug-and-play content that you can buy today and implement tomorrow
  • Buy only what you want—Tailor to your needs or embed content into existing programs
  • Use your facilitators or ours—MCE can certify your facilitators to deliver our content, or you can utilize ours

Talk to our MCE Team about licensing solutions for your company or organization.

email: [email protected] , call: +32 2 543 2120 ,  or fill out the online contact form


The MCE Team is there for you.

Do you have questions? Do you want to know more about MCE’s Management Development Services? Do you want to talk about a learning and development project?