Talent Management Goes Agile – Madrid

Talent Management Goes Agile – Madrid
May 2nd, 2019 David Goodwin
MCE business breakfast event in Madrid

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Talent Management Goes Agile – MCE Business Breakfast in Madrid.

Join us to learn about Talent Management and Agility in times of disruption for Senior Managers and HR professionals.


  • Business Breakfast: Talent Management Goes Agile
  • Location: Belgian Embassy in Madrid
    Paseo de la Castellana 18, 28046 Madrid, Spain
  • Date: Thursday 20 June
  • Time: 8:30-11:00 AM
  • Free Event: Please register here to receive an invitation.

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Why attend this Business Breakfast?

The traditional talent management approaches most of which originate in the previous century are no longer fit for purpose. Yet, it has never been clearer that everything comes back to talent management. Financial performance, new technological developments, digital organizations are all driven by talent as it drives momentum within the business. Digital and agile ways of working are forcing us to rethink our conventional ways of doing. We notice that companies’ core businesses and functions are largely replacing long-range planning and ‘waterfall’ organizational change transformation models with nimbler methods that allow them to adapt and innovate more quickly.

Agile isn’t just for tech anymore. HR is adopting those principles in turn to reflect and support what the rest of the organization is doing. It means moving away from a HR rules- and top-down approach toward a simpler and faster model driven by feedback from participants. This new paradigm has really taken off in performance management. (In a 2017 Deloitte survey, 79% of global executives rated agile performance management as a high organizational priority.) But other HR and talent practices are rapidly following: how they approach recruitment and rewards, how they evaluate talent, what skills they emphasize and develop and what they do to facilitate learning in line with those new ways of work.

Who is this Business Breakfast for?

This breakfast event is relevant for Senior Managers, HR and L&D professionals in international companies and organizations.

The MCE Business Breakfast session will cover:

  • Why traditional TM approaches are no longer fit for purpose and that there is a time for change
  • Current trends of the future world of work and a looming talent crunch
  • The business case for a new approach: fluid, agile talent management
  • What is ‘agile’ and what would it look like in talent management
  • Emerging new ‘agile’ ways of practice in the areas of performance management, development and succession
  • Recommendations for talent and HR professionals to prepare for and anticipate this ‘agile’ world

MCE’s HR Expert at the event will be Mr. Ronny Vansteenkiste

Ronny Vansteenkiste

Ronny brings over 25 years of global talent, leadership & organization development experience in major Fortune top 500 companies and in 7 different industries. Ronny is an accomplished senior HR executive, talent, organization & leadership development strategist, thought leader and change agent with global experience consulting with industry leaders. He specializes in helping businesses implement their growth strategies by developing business-focused talent and learning solutions.  His approach is focused on the practical application and execution:  providing deep thought leadership of the latest ideas closely linked and integrated with practical and pragmatic business solutions that are sustainable and work globally for the business. He has earned a strong reputation for innovation over 3 decades in companies like Barco Electronics, Seagram, Philips, Novartis, Avaya & Willis Towers Watson.

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