New Management Skills

No one is born a manager. There are key business skills that every manager needs. Like every other skill in life, you need to learn, practice and use these key management skills to become a great manager.


How and what can you delegate? Who can you delegate to?


What is the best way to communicate with your team and boss?


When, how and why should you coach my team members?


How can you motivate your team in person and remotely?

Learn, practice and use key management skills

To do this, MCE recommends the Essentials of Management programme. An interactive, practical and business focussed programme that is available live online and in-person (face-to-face) across Europe and the Middle East.



This is the ideal programme for you if you…

  • Manage a team of 3 or more people?
  • Use English in your job more than 3 times a week (phone calls, emails, meetings etc)?
  • Have a business or technical/scientific educational background?
  • Need to learn how and what to delegate?
  • Want to learn, practice and use key management skills?
  • Work for a company or organization that has offices in more than one country?
  • Need to learn how to manage performance and motivation in your team?
  • been a manager for less than 4 years?
  • not taken a management training course in the last year?
  • between 25 and 39 years old?


If you scored 6 points or more, this is the right programme for you. Learn, practice and use the key business skills you need in your role.

If you scored 5 points or less, this is not the ideal programme for you. We recommend checking out Successfully Managing People.


What will you learn and practice in the Essentials of Management?

Your Role as a Manager 

  • Discovering the qualities and abilities required for effective management
  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities managers perform
  • Exploring the contextual issues and challenges that new managers face today


  • Defining the goal of performance management
  • Identifying the process and challenges
  • Practicing the skills of performance management

Effective Communication

  • Describe the importance of communication to effective management
  • Recognizing the qualities of effective communication
  • Understanding the process of communication and the barriers that can derail it
  • Recognizing different types of work conversations
  • Identifying the two key conversation skills
  • Understanding and utilizing the conversational triangle

Coaching for Performance

  • Identifying the importance of and requirements for coaching
  • Learning the micro-skills of effective coaching
  • Confronting problem behaviours in a tactful manner
  • Using the AMA Guide to manage a coaching discussion
  • Differentiating between coaching and disciplining

Motivational Climate & Delegation

  • Recognizing the manager’s role in employee motivation
  • Exploring important elements of the motivational process
  • Utilizing managerial practices for building a motivational climate


  • Describing the types of delegation that managers can engage in

Practical Details

Essentials of Management: For New Managers

Essentials of Management: For New Managers


Brussels, Berlin, Prague, Geneva, Dubai, London, Dusseldorf, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris


2 Day(s)




(25x) Mar 2024 to Dec 2024
Leading Others
Essentials of Management: For New Managers (Live Online)

Essentials of Management: For New Managers (Live Online)


Live Online


4 Sessions




(4x) May 2024 to Dec 2024
Leading Others