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Hello Bucharest! / Bună dimineața, București!


Management Centre Europe (MCE) is coming to Bucharest, Romania with two of our top training programmes in people management skills on May 14th, 2018.

We are very excited to be in Bucharest, be closer to our clients and prospects in the region, and above all, help your teams develop the right business management skills to succeed in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

You can read below a description of the two programmes running in Romania, and MCE’s motivation to run these trainings.

Management Skills for New Managers Programme

How can you lead your projects and motivate your team to achieve your goals and get things done in time? How do you communicate to your different stakeholders? How can you progress in your career?

This programme will teach you how to manage people and gives you the skills you need to move from being an individual contributor to a well-respected manager who can achieve team success and drive bottom-line performance.

Read the programme details to find out information about the contents of the programme, the faculty, testimonials, price and more.

Successfully Managing People Programme

This training programme is ideal for managers and individuals with management responsibilities whose success depends on managing people successfully through clear communication, a cooperative attitude, and commitment to shared goals.

Are you ready to develop a high-performance team and get more done? Do you want to learn how to resolve team conflict using emotional intelligence and get more from your team by adapting your management style to every situation?

Read the programme details to find out information about the contents of the programme, the faculty, testimonials, price and more.

MCE’s Top Training Programmes closer to You in Bucharest

It is true that the Romanian economy has kept a steady growth since 2010, and even reached an outstanding first place in real gross domestic product (GDP) growth in Europe in 2017 together with Iceland. Both economies grew 5.5% (percentage change).


For your company, however, a growing economy means not only opportunities to grow your business, but it also means harsher competition, new business models, and difficult to meet demands from customers in both B2B and B2C models.


How do you ensure your company remains profitable and healthy in an ever-changing business world?


We believe that organizations are only as strong as their leaders and managers, and for them we have created business management trainings that are hands-on, business oriented, and time efficient.


MCE specializes in aligning and equipping your teams with the business skills your company needs to succeed. We have trained more than 400,000 managers and business professionals across the EMEA region since 1961, and we are looking forward to meeting your teams in Bucharest!

See you soon in Bucharest!

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