Leadership Insights Volume Two

Leadership Insights Volume Two
January 9th, 2017 David Goodwin

Reflections on Real-life Management Challenges – Away from the Theory…

This second collection of Leadership Insights in collaboration with IEDP takes us into a lot of new territory; highly appropriate for the fast-changing world in which we have to operate.

In recent times many leaders fail to live up to expectations; a state of affairs that has frankly called into question the very basics of what a leader’s role is, not just in our organisations, but in the very society we are an intrinsic part of.

These brief insights are all small vignettes that describe the leader’s role in a wide variety of situations – illustrating above all else that today’s leaders need to be both flexible and open to new ideas. But most of all they need to be resilient, able to be like a great prize-fighter, to be knocked down and get back up from the floor and win one more time.

Track records and reputations define a real leader and they are very much in evidence in all these stories that illustrate what it takes to be, and stay, at the top of the organisational tree.

This collection is designed to educate, entertain and inform and, perhaps, will give you some insights into a leader’s role and hopefully make you stop and think for a minute or two about what being a leader is all about. We hope you enjoy them.

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