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Our business management training programmes are coming to Accra, Ghana from the 29th October 2018.

Management Centre Europe (MCE) is proud to announce that we are running 4 of our top selling international programmes for Multinational Companies based in the West Africa region.

Our training programmes have run for 57 years in Europe and the Middle East, and now we are thrilled to come to Accra next 29 October to 02 November 2018 and run 4 training programmes each focused on developing the following specific business management skills:

• Executive Management Skills
• People Management Skills
• Business Finance skills for Managers
• Influence Skills

You can read below a description of the programmes running in Ghana, our interest in the region, more about MCE, and our Special Launch Offer.


Our 4 Top Selling MCE Trainings in Accra, Ghana

Special Launch Offer

As these are our first programmes in Accra, we have a Special Launch Offer: For all companies based in West Africa, we are offering a special price for the programmes scheduled in Accra in September 2018. You will receive a reduction of 25% on all participation fees by using the code “MCEAccra” when booking.

MCE’s Top Training Programmes closer to You in Accra, Ghana.

The Ghanaian economy is booming again after three years of steady growth. Last year, Ghana had a GDP growth of 1.8 points compared to 2016, reaching then 5.8 percent real GDP growth.

For your company, however, a booming economy represents opportunities to grow your business as much as it means harsher competition, new business models, and difficult to meet demands from customers in both B2B and B2C models.

For your company, how do you ensure steady profitable in an ever-changing business world?

We are Management Centre Europe (MCE) and we believe that organizations are only as strong as their leaders and managers. For them we have created business management trainings that are hands-on, business oriented, and time efficient.

MCE specializes in aligning and equipping your teams with the business skills your company needs to succeed. We have trained more than 400,000 managers and business professionals across the EMEA region since 1961, and we are looking forward to meeting your teams in Ghana.

alexander teixeira faculty mce ghana

Alexander Teixeira de Mattos is Senior Training and Development Manager who has worked with a number of companies in Ghana

Our Senior Faculty Associate in Ghana

Alexander Teixeira de Mattos is a facilitator and consultant with a wide experience working on personal and team development, in many different industries, at levels ranging from the boardroom to the first line leaders.
His passion lies in helping people grow in order to make their business grow.

Read complete Alexander Teixeira de Mattos complete bio here

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