Leading Self

Do you have the right personal skills to perform at your best?

To be a great manager and leader, you need to start by understanding yourself. You also need to ensure you have the right skills to work with your colleagues and peers around the world. What is your preferred communication style? How do you communicate in the best way with senior management? What is the best way to negotiate a win-win deal? Do you have the right influence skills for your role?  How do you persuade your colleagues to focus on common goals?

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Communication Skills

Communication is a critical skill for every manager or leader. Getting your ideas and issues across to the key people, who can support you in implementing the strategy is a very tough job. How do you communicate your idea or issue in the best way? What are the best practices in communicating to senior management?  How can you develop great professional relationships with different personalities and profiles?

Influence and Negotiation Skills

Today’s business environment is not easy. Priorities change frequently and you need to get results faster. But in companies and organisations, you don’t always have direct control over all the people and elements you need to deliver results efficiently and on time. How can you influence your colleagues and peers to get the results you need? What are the best practices in negotiation skills in business today? How you can develop your own personal influence?

Executive Assistant Programmes

The Executive Assistant role is crucial in many companies. But it can be a challenging role too. Do you often have too many tasks to manage? Do you frequently need to take decisions when your boss is absent? Do you need to think outside the box and find innovative solutions? How can you influence other colleagues to make sure the most important tasks get done?


Self awareness, knowledge, expertise, personal strengths and skills – each of which helps an individual to perform within the business context they work in.


Knowledge, skills, competence and understanding of how to formulate a vision, set a strategy and engage people towards common business and organizational goals.


The business, financial, commercial and organizational know how to perform at one’s best and drive successful business performance.

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